WalkingPad Height Adjustable Desk - White

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WP Pro Manually-adjustable home office desk ensures you stay active even when adjusting the height of your desk. 
Adjusts For You - With an easy-to-use, crank lever mechanism, you can go from sitting to standing in a matter of seconds. Simply wind the lever until the desk is at your perfect height, and wind it back down when you're ready to sit again! The lever is also easily tucked away after adjusting so it won't obstruct your workflow!

A two-segment, manually-adjustable fitted frame boasts a robust 90kg weight capacity to elevate your work to the next level.
Join the worldwide trend of healthier office work, boost your productivity and work more comfortably!


- Desktop dimensions: 110cm x 60cm
- Height range: 76cm - 117cm
- Top material: MDF
- Desk weight with top : 32kg
- Load capacity: 90kg

Benefits of a Sit-Stand Work Routine

The way to work better isn’t found in just standing or sitting, but with a balance of both!

Movement is integral to productivity, and with your standing desk, alternating from sitting to standing work has never been easier and more comfortable. Here’s how the Sit-Stand Method benefits you:
- Improves Your Health: Sitting for more than three hours a day can cut off your life expectancy by up to two years!
- Fix Your Posture: Height-adjustable desks can reduce pressure on your spine by encouraging you to incorporate movement into your workflow.
- Boosts Your Productivity: One study found that using sit-to-stand desks lead to a 45% increase in productivity!

What's in the box.

  • Tabletop
  • 2x Table legs table feet
  • 2x Table feet
  • Drive rod
  • Handle
  • Handle pendant
  • Table frame
  • 12x Table leg screws
  • 6x Table frame screws
  • 8x Table feet screws
  • 4x Handle screws
  • 4x Handle pendant screws
  • 2x Wrenches
  • manual

N.B Self Assembly Required



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