Q: How long will delivery take?

A: Delivery of a product will take between 3-4 working days after order has been confirmed. 

Q: How to set it up?

A: You can unfold it and plug in to use it. No need of extra installation.

Q: What battery used on walking pad remote control? 

A: The battery type for remote of WalkingPad A1 and R1 Pro is CR2032. Please buy one from a local store before using it. 

Q: Can I run on the WalkingPad R1 Pro?

A: Yes, when you put up the handrail, you can run up to 10km/h.

Q: How to connect mobile devices to Walkingpad ?

A: Please download Walkingpad App available on App Store & Google Play and follow the instructions.

Q : What cable comes with Walkingpads ?

A: 3 Pin Euro Kettle Power Cord. 

Q: Does this WalkingPad R1 Pro track activity?

A: Yes, it has a display screen on the head bar like the the A1. You can track time, distance, instant speed, calories burned and steps.

Q: Does the WalkingPad R1 Pro use incline or decline?

A: No, it doesn't. (Flat surface)

Q: How to operate the remote control?

A: When switching on the WalkingPad
press the mode switch button on remote control in 5 seconds
then it will be matched with your WalkingPad!

Q: What's the weight capacity of WalkingPad?
A: 1. WalkingPad R1 Pro - 110kg
2. WalkingPad A1 Pro - 105kg

Q: What is the maximum speed of the WalkingPad?

A: WalkingPad R1 Pro - 10km/h
WalkingPad A1 Pro - 6km/h

Q: What data will display on the LCD of WalkingPad?
A:  Three modes: "Standby" "M mode" "A mode", What do they stand for?
1. "Standby" means sleep mode while not walking.
2. "M" means modified speed.
3, "A" means automatic speed, you can switch between the
3 modes with the remote controller.

Q: How to use "A" mode?

A: Stand at the head part of the belt before the device runs.
The head section of the walking belt is acceleration,
the middle section is constant speed, and the rear section is stopped. *To use "A" mode you need to put walkingpad on the stable floor.

Q: How to boot?
A: There is a power switch on the power head of the device. The device panel will display when turned on.

Q: What should I do if the device shows an error code?

A: The electronics of the equipment continuously carries out tests.
In case of deviations, an error code appears on the display and normal operation is stopped for your safety.

+ E01: Drive failure
+ E02: Motor abnormalities
+ E05: Power overload
+ E06: Motor overload protection
+ E08: Sensor error
+ E10: Temperature to high
+ E11: Overload current protection
Please contact us for technical support.

Q: The device can't connect to the app, the device WIFI flashes fast.
If the Wi-Fi light flashes fast or can't find the device and the network timed out.

A: Please follow this method:

1. Press the big button on the right side of the device
2. Wait 3 seconds
3. Press the big button again.
At this time, the Wi-Fi light becomes slower and then restarts.

Q: What is the speed limit of WalkingPad R1 Pro?

A: When the handrail is fitted vertically, the speed can go up to 10km/h. When the handrail is fitted horizontally, the speed can only go up to 6km/h.

Q: What is the weight capacity of WalkingPad R1 Pro?

A: The weight capacity of R1 Pro is 110kg/242lbs.

Q: What's the big differences between WalkingPad R1 Pro and WalkingPad A1?

A: The big differences between R1 Pro and A1 are as below:

  • Speed limit: WalkingPad R1 Pro - 10km/h; WalkingPad A1 - 6km/h
  • Weight capacity: WalkingPad R1 Pro - 110kg; WalkingPad A1 - 105kg
  • Handrail: The WalkingPad R1 Pro has one, but the WalkingPad A1 does not have.
  • Safety key: The WalkingPadR1 Pro has one for running, but the WalkingPad A1 does not have.

Q: How to connect mobile devices to Walkingpad?

A: Please download the KS Fit App available on App Store & Google Play, change your region to United Kingdom, Close the app and open it and follow the instructions.