Wp Black Pro Desk & Wp Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair
Wp Black Pro Desk & Wp Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair
Wp Black Pro Desk & Wp Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair
Wp Black Pro Desk & Wp Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair

Wp Black Pro Desk & Wp Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair

R 8,750.00

Product Description for WP Pro Desk

- WP Pro Manually-adjustable home office desk ensures you stay active even when adjusting the height of your desk. 
- Adjusts For You - With an easy-to-use, crank lever mechanism, you can go from sitting to standing in a matter of seconds. Simply wind the lever until the desk is at your perfect height, and wind it back down when you're ready to sit again! The lever is also easily tucked away after adjusting so it won't obstruct your workflow!

Production Description for Wp Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair

- WP Ergonomic Computer chairs feature a height adjustable backrest with lockable recline function.The lower back support will relax your body and ease any back pain, even enhancing the natural curve of the spine when you are sitting for hours.Front/back adjustable functional lumbar support, to provide the best support for all types of people. It can hug your lower back all the time to greatly reduce spine fatigue.
- Reduces Neck Pain-Malfunction headrest - Neck pain has become a major factor in reducing work efficiency.The ergonomic high back office chair is designed with an adjustable headrest. The multi-dimensional free rotating headrest provides the most comfortable position for your head and neck. Using this office chair can perfectly solve neck problems as it provides proper support for your neck that eliminates the stress you often experience when you have to sit for a long period of time.
- Multiple Adjustable Functions Ergonomic Chair To Fulfill All Your Needs - Finding a comfortable seating position just for you. Height adjustable headrest to effectively support your neck.The adjustment of the seat height ensuring a customizable sitting experience that is tailored exactly to your requirements.Tilt locking mechanism allows you to completely relax your posture after tiring work.adjustable armrest can push the chair completely into the bottom of the table, saving space in your room.

Product Features for Wp Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair
- Height adjustment of the lumbar support pad
 - Adjustable head rest
- 3D height adjustable arms 
- Mesh back rest
- Aluminium 5 star base
- Seat height adjustment
- Seat pan slide
- Backrest reclining, tension adjustment and locking synchrony mechanism
-Automotive Grade Moulded foam seat
-150 kg weight capacity

Precautions for Wp Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair
- This product is designed to only serve as a chair
- Avoid using product on uneven surfaces such as inclinations and staircases.
- A clean cloth soaked in diluted neutral detergent should be used to clean the product.
- Do not expose to high ambient temperatures and keep away from prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Please Note: Assembly Required

Customer Reviews

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Brad Frank
Great Equipment, Poor Assembly Instructions

I simply love my desk and my chair. The chair is very comfortable and the desk works well. I also received excellent service from the sales desk. The chair + desk combo = great value for money.

My rating 4/5 is about the lack of clear assembly instructions.

The chair was somewhat straightforward to assemble, but the desk was a pain — especially trying to set the rod that runs from the crank on the right-hand-side, to the socket on the left. The rod and spacers are “just” long enough, so there is very little room to play with, and is thus quite frustrating to assemble.

Once assembled, everything works well. In addition to better instructions (even a YouTube video would work), the equipment should include tips on how to care for the equipment, i.e., oiling the various moving parts.