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Product Description

Get the best of both and improve cardio and strength with the WP AIR BIKE Air Resistance Hybrid Bike. This bike works the arms and legs simultaneously to give you an efficient workout. Burn more CALORIES in less time, depending on the intensity. The fully padded seat adjusts to your height to get the most ergonomic fit.

Track your progress with the Performance Monitor! Displays: RPM, Speed, Time, Distance, Calorie, Scan, Watt, and Pulse

The harder you pedal the greater the resistance! The 27.5-inch fan wheel adjusts resistance dynamically based on the intensity of your pedaling.

Endure an isolated arm workout when you place your feet on the large, sturdy foot pegs. Foot Pegs hold the weight of your legs as your work your arms.

Place your mobile device on the integrated device holder. Follow along to your favorite fitness apps or get professional tips and lessons from our certified Sunny Health & Fitness trainers through online training videos!

Personalize your ride with the 4-way adjustable seat. Optimal riding position ensures a comfortable and effective workout.

The wheels at the front of the unit allow the user to move their bike around with ease.


- No Electricity is required to get cycling in the comfort of your own home. 

Product Features

Assembled Dimensions: 140cm x 61cm x 126cm
Net Weight. : 25kg
Max User Weight: 150kg
Drive: Hybrid Belt - Chain


  • What’s in the box
  • Air bike
  • Left pedal
  • Right pedal
  • Left handlebar
  • Right handlebar
  • Water bottle holder
  • 2x Water bottle holder screws
  • Screen mount
  • 2x Screen mount screws
  • Screen
  • Seat
  • Adjustable seat mount
  • Front foot
  • Rearfoot
  • Adjusting knob
  • 6x Flat washer
  • 4x Feet bolts
  • 4x Spring washer
  • 4x Nut
  • 2x M16 nut
  • 2x Universal joints
  • Grease
  • 2x box wrench
  • Screwdriver and wrench combo
  • Small Allen key
  • Large Allen key
  • Manual

 N.B Self Assembly Required

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