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Product Description:

WalkingPad X21 treadmill adopts a double-folding design with a footprint of less than 0.16㎡ and two steps to complete storage. In the existing 180° folded form and then 90 ° folded, so that the volume is even smaller. The slim body shows the innovative process. It can be multi-gear free speed adjustment, the speed range is 0.5-12km/h, but also according to their own running state real-time adjustment of running speed.

It can be connected by cell phone NFC touch to realize the interaction between human and treadmill. It is also equipped with a hidden LED display with an integrated panel design, and the numbers on the screen are clearly visible after starting the machine.

WalkingPad X21 treadmill adopts a one-piece aluminum alloy skeleton construction, integrating a luxurious and calm black body, interpreting the balance of design aesthetics and strength. And stability and durability have been improved, beauty and durability coexist. It is your home star track, restore the real running foot feeling. Thanks to the high-efficiency brushless motor, the power output is stable, and the sound of no-load full-speed trial run is only 75dB, which is very little noise.

Product Features: 

Fast folding free installation, NFC human-machine interaction, infinitely variable speed, every step is wise sense of the future core technology to lead health;

  •  180 degree folding, greatly reducing the occupied space, and the floor space.
  • Upright storage, only 15 cm thick, covering an area of less than 0.2 square meters.
  • The motor cabin is fully integrated with the track and field track and is more sporty.
  • Brushless motor to suppress noise.
  • The integrated aluminum alloy material is used as the skeleton structure for greater durability and stability

Product Specifications: 

  • Model: X21
  • Rated voltage: 220V
  • Rated power: 918W 
  • Two Modes: Running Mode, Walking Mode
  • Sports Type: Remote Control
  • Minimum speed: 0.5km/h
  • Speed Range: 0.5-12km/h
  • Maximum bearing weight: 110kg
  • Horsepower: 1.2hp
  • Peak horsepower: 2hp
  • Net weight: 33kg
  • Gross weight: 38kg
  • Running belt width: 42-44cm
  • Running belt area: 120x44cm
  • Unfold size: 1420x720x1020mm
  • Folded size: 710x955x226mm
  • Flat size: 1460x720x135mm
  • Color: Black
  • Package content

What's In The Box?

  •  1 x WalkingPad Treadmill
  • 1 x Charing Cable
  • 1 x Remote Control
  • 1 x Hanging Rope


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