DEMO of WP Adjustable Dumbbell Set - 30kg

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Product Description

Chrome adjustable dumbbells are the ultimate bodybuilding throwback set. They will take anything you throw at them, with a spinlock collar keeping everything in place. 

* Adjusting Barbell & Dumbbell Set: This home gym weight set comes with cast iron weight plates with plating finish for maximum durability. Chrome handles are knurled for a secure, firm and non-slip grip. Also includes star-lock collars for easy weight changes
* Anti-Slip Knurled Grip With Safety Spin-Lock: easily turn dumbbells into barbell with the high-quality connector. The connector handle is knurled for better grip and increased safety during exercises. Compatible with 1-inch spin-lock dumbbells
* Easy To Store: it can be assembled and removed in seconds. Compact, convenient, easy to use and store. The all-in-one dumbbell eliminates the need for multiple dumbbells in the exercise space. Suitable for basic bodybuilding exercises.

What’s in the box

  • 2x Handles
  • 4x Locking nut
  • 4x 0,5 kg weights
  • 4x 1,25 kg weights
  • 8x 2,5 kg weights

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