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Product Description

The machine brings skiing available to everyone. Skiing is known as the toughest workout in the fitness world, you need to involve the upper body, lower body, and core in the movement, which brings skiing to the most effective training for cardio and strength.
With WP AIR SKI Machine, you will have full access to:
-10-speed resistance adjustment level from our Fan + Magnetic dual control system
-LED Display Monitor
-Ergonomic Handle

- DESIGNED FOR HOME & GYM- The WP AIR SKI machine is designed to meet the goal of modern home fitness, as well as commercial gym use. It is suitable for people of all ages.
- CARDIO & STRENGTH TRAINING- Whether you are an elite cross-country skier or a beginner to fitness and exercise, The WP AIR SKI machine will help you to reach your goal. It makes 84% of muscles effectively exercised by combining all training for the upper body, lower body, and torso.
- FAN + MAGNETIC DUAL RESISTANCE- The WP AIR SKI machine features 10 adjustable resistance levels, powered by Fan-Magnetic control dual system. Response to every pull down to ensure that you always have full feedback of force and control, the spiral damper can help you quickly adjust the flywheel airflow, so you can find a level on the resistance trainer that suits you and tailor the machine to your level preference.
- LED DISPLAY MONITOR- The WP AIR SKI machine is equipped with a LED monitor that will accurately assess power output, it shows data such as Time, Distance, watts, calories, Strokes, Total Strokes, and so on.
- EASY TO USE- The WP AIR SKI machine can be installed on the wall or in a vertical bracket (included). Easy assembly with tools included in the package. One simple movement for all the training (upper body/lower body/torso)
- TRANSPORTATION WHEELS. The wheels at the front of the unit allow the user to move their WP AIR SKI around with ease. 

-No Electricity is required to get skiing in the comfort of your home. 

Product Specifications
- Resistance adjustable Wind adjustment:10 levels

- Machine size:130*60*214cm 

- Display: Speed/Time/Dis./Calories

- Net Weight: 50kg

What’s n the box

  • Base
  • Screen
  • Bottom frame with damper
  • Top frame with pull chords
  • 9x Bottom frame bolts
  • manual
  • 16x Top frame bolts

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