WalkingPad Pro Bike
WalkingPad Pro Bike
WalkingPad Pro Bike
WalkingPad Pro Bike
WalkingPad Pro Bike
WalkingPad Pro Bike
WalkingPad Pro Bike
WalkingPad Pro Bike

WalkingPad Pro Bike

R 4,450.00

Product Description 

  • Burn calories and stay physically active while you work at your desk. Make it a daily habit to move your office chair aside and slide in your Under Desk Exercise Bike
  • Achieve hours of extra movement. This bike was designed specifically for use with a sit-stand desk
  • Adjust the comfortably wide seat to fit your body. A more comfortable seat prevents fatigue and lets you exercise longer
  • Track your calories burned, exercise time, speed, and distance using the built-in LCD display
  • Bicycle is smooth, quiet, and has eight resistance levels
  • Move the bike into place with the convenient seat-level handle, then get moving
  • Easily assembled and made from sturdy materials that last for years

Product Specifications

  • Seat Height Adjustment:    75 - 80cm 
  • User Height Range:    150 -190cm 
  • Weight Capacity:    110 kg
  • Resistance Style:    Magnetic resistance
  • Resistance Levels:    8 settings
  • Console Readout:   Calories burned, exercise time, speed, and distance
  • Weight:    19.5/16.5 kg 
  • Batteries:    Display requires 1 AAA battery, not included
  • Warranty:    1 year
  • Shipping dimensions:    73 x 59 x 37 cm  


What's in the box

  • Pro bike
  • Base
  • Top seat panel
  • Seat
  • Left pedal
  • Right pedal
  • Seat height adjusting pin
  • Adjusting knob
  • 2x Support foot
  • 8 x Washer
  • 4x Frame bolts
  • 4x Frame screws
  • Spanner
  • Allen wrench
  • Manual

N.B Self Assembly Required

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Excellent product and service, but not a spinning bike.

Order and delivery was completed in one day! Excellent product to keep you moving while you work. Not appropriate for cyclists as exercise bike, though. The seat does not go high enough to allow legs to straighten (creating risk of cramping and long term shortening and tearing tendons if you exercise hard). The pedals is also a bit far in front of the seat and the maximum resistance is not very high. Maybe the company can work on these; then I’ll buy another two!

Stefano Menegaldo
A mediocre product

First off, the good:
- Functionally sound, and the resistant settings are great.
- Seat feels comfy enough, though will have to see with time.
- Assembly was fairly straight forward.

The bad:
- Outer plastic housing of unit came damaged and scuffed all over.
- The white plastic ebcasing the body of the unit is closer to cream than white and much more flimsy than what it appears to be on the website.
-The intensity adjustment knob constantly squeeks during operation once installed in its appropriate spot. Removing it from the metal slot instantly makes the experience of using the bike better, but removes the accessibility function of the knob.
- Seat height is very low, and only has two height settings. I am 1, 81m tall, and the highest seat setting is far too short for me and the advertised height range ending at 1,90m is outrageously misleading.
- The overall quality and condition of the product as I received it leaves a lot to be desired, especially considering the price of the unit. The product info is incorrect, and the quality of the overall product is misleading especially when compared to the website listing.

Overall, I do not recommend this product. If there are better competitor options available elsewhere, consider trying/buying those first. For my purposes, I'm going to keep the product because I couldn't be bothered to go through the admin of returning and receiving a refund. I hope my tale cautions all that are considering buying. Very disappointed.