WP Pro Desk and Laptop Stand

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Product Description

  • STURDY & PROTECTIVE: Crafted with high-grade cooling aluminum alloy for unopposed consistent performance. Silicone pads are installed to prevent your laptop from getting any potential scratches as well as keeping your laptop firmly placed. A unique heat-dissipating ventilation port offers airflow for your device. Moreover, the stand is height adjustable for best position for your view and easy to install without tools,
  • BUILT-IN COOLING FAN & 4 USB HUB: This beauty is not only physically adjustable but also has additional features of a built-in cooling fan and 4 USB Hub that prevents your valuable laptop from getting hot and easily connect multiple devices like smartphone or IPAD to your laptop for easy charging , A great way to organize cables and save a space and make your desk clean and neat ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Sleek, stylish and height adjustable ventilated laptop stand. The stand adjusts the height and angle of the laptop. Allows you to achieve perfect line of sight, preventing you from squatting on the screen for better ergonomics, minimizing neck fatigue, repairing posture, bidding farewell to neck pain, creating more space, and more ergonomic
  • WIDE COMPATIBLITY: This laptop stand is compatible with all models and up to 10 - 17 " size laptops compatible with MacBook Pro/Air, Chromebook and more. Compatible with any size tablet/iPad/iPad Pro( 7-13") including iPad PRO 12.9 and E-Books It can support 2.7 KG  of weight, adjusts multi-angle from 20 to 40 degrees and height adjusts from 5 to 17 centimeters
  • MULTIPLE APPLICATION: This multi-purpose lightweight laptop stand can be placed on office desk or kitchen or bedside , even can be folded flat to snug in your bag for traveling. 

Product Features

Mounting Type: USB

 Material: Aluminum

 Item Dimensions LxWxH: 27 x 27 x 10 centimeters

 Item Weight: 2.7KG 



WP Pro Manually-adjustable home office desk ensures you stay active even when adjusting the height of your desk. 
Adjusts For You - With an easy-to-use, crank lever mechanism, you can go from sitting to standing in a matter of seconds. Simply wind the lever until the desk is at your perfect height, and wind it back down when you're ready to sit again! The lever is also easily tucked away after adjusting so it won't obstruct your workflow!

A two-segment, manually-adjustable fitted frame boasts a robust 90kg weight capacity to elevate your work to the next level.
Join the worldwide trend of healthier office work, boost your productivity and work more comfortably!


- Desktop dimensions: 110cm x 60cm
- Height range: 76cm - 117cm
- Top material: MDF
- Desk weight with top : 32kg
- Load capacity: 90kg

Benefits of a Sit-Stand Work Routine

The way to work better isn’t found in just standing or sitting, but with a balance of both!

Movement is integral to productivity, and with your standing desk, alternating from sitting to standing work has never been easier and more comfortable. Here’s how the Sit-Stand Method benefits you:
- Improves Your Health: Sitting for more than three hours a day can cut off your life expectancy by up to two years!
- Fix Your Posture: Height-adjustable desks can reduce pressure on your spine by encouraging you to incorporate movement into your workflow.
- Boosts Your Productivity: One study found that using sit-to-stand desks lead to a 45% increase in productivity!



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