WP Pro Desk and Tablet & Smartphone Holder

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Product Description

WP Tablet Stand Holder, Rotate 360 Degrees of Flexible, Height and Angle Adjustable, High-Grade Aluminium Alloy Long Arm Compatible with 4.5-13 Mobile Phones and Tablet, iPhones, iPad

* The steady 3-pound solid aluminium alloy base ensures a stable platform
* The holder accommodates all phones and tablets ranging from 4.5 - 13 inches.
* Adjustable Multiple angle viewing, easily adjusts, supporting both vertical and horizontal viewing
* Comfortable Our stand will bring you comfortable life: make your business transaction smoother, make your work more productive, and make your home more comfortable.
* Allows 360° free rotation to your preferred viewing angle. Fully adjustable with 360-degree rotation to ensure an ergonomic and comfortable setting to prevent neck and back fatigue.
* Enjoy the luxury of being in bed, lying down while watching a movie, reading, being on a video call, or whatever one so prefers.
* Good choice for the front desk to use
* Suitable for business transactions at restaurants, shops, Café, commercial retail stores, or any business environment.

WP Pro Manually-adjustable home office desk ensures you stay active even when adjusting the height of your desk. 
Adjusts For You - With an easy-to-use, crank lever mechanism, you can go from sitting to standing in a matter of seconds. Simply wind the lever until the desk is at your perfect height, and wind it back down when you're ready to sit again! The lever is also easily tucked away after adjusting so it won't obstruct your workflow!

A two-segment, manually-adjustable fitted frame boasts a robust 90kg weight capacity to elevate your work to the next level.
Join the worldwide trend of healthier office work, boost your productivity and work more comfortably!

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